Rick ross og adult friend finder

rick ross og adult friend finder

I seen a rich nigga go to jail, He put Wi-Fi in his cell, Middle of the night, my sex dating i shelbyville illinois nigga wanna Skype, I just count money for him, that shit just get him hype.
Got the girl of your dreams yep I pop her, for real.
I'm higher than day-day, no off day just pay day.
When you was a OG, bitch, I'd still be more.Some call it tricking cause this bitch thicker than Trina Anybody wanna motherfucking die?Lord, protect my soul, you heard me?Drake, Rick Ross Lil Wayne - No New Friends.And I'm thumbing through bill after bill after bill.After bill, but I still pay respect to my city.

I thank God for my homies, I wish we could trade places, Bitch, we good fellas, boy, all them niggas with you they just pall bearers.
I feel sorry for whoever's not in the will.
My name is Anna.
Mama please, I'm never comin' home 'til I make a hundred, shit Scratch that, 'til I make a hundred million Then I'mma stretch that 'til I make a hundred trillion Who knew one day her son would dream kvinde ønskede nye sæson 4 grow up and learn how to read.
While you and her are cheek to cheek, me and her dick to chin.For Please select up to three categories where you want your ad listed.Mastermind, my kilos on ice, my sneakers snow white.Remember: sip slow, live fast.Drake, Rick Ross Lil Wayne".Photograph our endeavors, plottin' potential set-ups, See me as a promotion, tax charges, et cetera, Confiscated the whips, concentratin' on flips, Contemplatin' the trip, congregatin' for bricks.Chorus, verse 3: Aggravated with hoes, distracted all of my foes, Niggas wanna be friends, we just takin' control, Nigga, vision the clearest, I get shooters on clearance, Barely fit in a Lambo but did it for the appearance.Chorus: Murder, a mothafuckin' murder, No, you didn't see it but I know you bitches heard it, Blood on the corner, damn, I miss my dawg, I'm just thinkin' bout his daughter, in another life he ballin'.